The E821 Technical Design Report

This page contains links to both the entire (huge!) design report and to each separate chapter.

The whole thing (beware this is about 3 MBytes): The Technical Design Report 3rd edition, second printing September 1995.

  1. The Physics Motivation for the experiment.
  2. The Theoretical Background for the experiment.
  3. A description of the E821 Design and Experiment.
  4. A summary of the expected statistical and systematic errors for the experiment.
  5. The Physics of muon storage.
  6. The BeamLine montioring for the experiment.
  7. A description of the Experimental Hall for E821.
  8. The E821 Muon Storage ring.
  9. The Cryogenics for E821.
  10. The E821 Superconducting Inflector.
  11. The E821 Electrostatic quadropoles.
  12. The E821 Fast Kicker.
  13. The E821 Storage Ring Vacuum.
  14. The E821 Magnetic Field System.
  15. The Monitoring of the stored muon beam.
  16. The E821 Electron detectors.
  17. The E821 Daq and Online System.
  18. The E821 Slow Control System.
  19. The Offline stuff.
  20. The Work Breakdown Structure.
  21. The Installation Schedule for E821.
  22. The Commisioning schedule.
  23. The E821 Safety Plan.
  24. The Personnel and responsibilities for E821.
  25. The E821 Budget.

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