The g-2 Pictures Page

This page contains some pictures showing aspects of the g-2 experiment. Clicking on any of the thumbnail pictures will load a new page with the full-sized image.

Overhead photos of the partially instrumented g-2 ring and after installation of the thermal insulation

More recent photos of the g-2 experiment.

Some photos taken during the assembly and construction of the g-2 experiment

A page with photos of the Flashlet Sweeper Magnet

The floor plan of the g-2 ring and control room

A B&W or color eps drawing of the "Life of a Muon" in the g-2 Experiment.

And here's where it all began on a summer day in 1984.
Standing from left: Gordon Danby, John Field, Francis Farley, Emilio Picasso, and Frank Krienen.
Kneeling, from left:John Bailey, Vernon Hughes and Fred Combley.

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